Single Engine Seaplane Course - $1500 plus Examiners Fee ($500)

Our Airplane Single Engine Sea rating course is offered May through October and involves an about an hour and a half of ground instruction and five hours of flight instruction in the Cessna 170 followed by an oral exam and check ride.

You will receive instruction in basic water handling, including idle, plow and step taxi procedures. Next you will be shown how to properly execute a normal takeoff and landing from the water.

We then progress to more advanced maneuvers including crosswind, rough water and glassy water techniques as well as maximum performance procedures and emergency operation. Next, we will demonstrate docking and sailing

Training follows the FAA practical test standards for seaplanes. Download a copy of FAA-H-8083-23 which should be studied and will be used in your training. An FAA flight test will be scheduled at the completion of your training with a DPE. When the standards have been met, an FAA certificate with the seaplane rating will be issued.

Current land plane pilots should have no difficulty with the transition to floats. If additional flight instruction is needed, after the five hours will be given at the hourly rate for the aircraft. We highly recommend that you be current and proficient when you begin training

Multi-Engine Training

Add an airplane, multi-engine rating to you Private or Commercial Pilot certificate. We offer year-round multi-engine training in our well maintained Cessna 310 aircraft, an ideal airplane for  multiengine training.  It is a large, stable training aircraft that offers complex systems and high performance, high altitude training.  

Refereshers and Checkout

Designed for pilots seeking the training experience, as a refresher or just for fun with NO CHECK RIDE. The course will consist of 1.5 hours of ground instruction and 3.0 hours of flight instruction. Reservations required.