Single Engine Seaplane Course - $1,500

Our Airplane Single Engine Sea rating course is offered May through November and involves about 3 hours of ground instruction and five to eight hours of flight instruction in the Cessna 170.

At the completion of your training, you will receive the necessary endorsements  for a ASES add-on rating to your Private, Commercial or Flight Instructor's Certificate.


Multi-Engine Training - $3,000 10-Hour Block + Fuel

Add an airplane, multi-engine rating to you Private or Commercial Pilot certificate. We offer year-round multi-engine training in our well maintained Cessna 310 aircraft, an ideal airplane for  multiengine training.  It is a large, stable training aircraft that offers complex systems and high performance, high altitude training.  

Refereshers and Checkout

Designed for pilots seeking the training experience, as a refresher or just for fun with NO CHECK RIDE. The course will consist of 1.5 hours of ground instruction and 3.0 hours of flight instruction. Reservations required.

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